HOW TO WIN AGAINST HISTORY by Seiriol Davies, UK Tour 2017

How to Win Against History
by Seiriol Davies (pronounced SAY-ree-oll)
directed by Alex Swift

UK Tour 2017

Based on the charred remains of a true story...

"How to Win Against History" is a fierce, fabulous new costume drama musical about Henry Cyril Paget, the cross-dressing 5th Marquis of Anglesey. Born in 1875, poised to inherit the Empire, he instead burned briefly, brightly and transvestitely; blowing his godlike wealth putting on glittering, diamond-studded plays. With him in.

​When he died at 29, his family burnt every trace of his life, and carried on like he'd never existed. Seiriol Davies and director Alex Swift (both of Caroline Horton & Co's “Mess”) bring you a hilarious, ripped-up extravaganza about being too weird for the world, but desperately not wanting it to forget you.​

It opened at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016, to a TOTAL SELLOUT run, showered with a glitterbomb of review stars.

How to Win Against History Cover Image
ISBN: 9781786822406
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Oberon Books - July 24th, 2017