Toil and Trouble by Lauren Gunderson

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Toil and Trouble
by Lauren Gunderson 

Full-length Play/80-90 Minutes
1f, 2m

Underemployed friends Adam, Matt and Beth are desperate to beat the recession any way they can--like combining forces to take over a small island in South America. But when a fortune cookie tells Matt that he will rule and Beth gets a little too handy with a dagger, plans go awry. This hilarious adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth pits friend against friend, ambition against fate, pet-sitting against miniature vicuna mogul-dom.

SET: One room, a scooter, blood.

NOTES: Some adult language.

NOTE: This is the 2nd play in the Shakespeare Cycle, a series of contemporary comedies based on Shakespeare's plays. 

"Local playwright Lauren Gunderson has a knack for making the problems of flibbertigibbets look both loathsomely silly and cosmically weighty." —Lily Janiak, San Francisco Weekly

"An uproarious, modern-day comedy." —Natalie Reyes, The Daily Californian

"Gunderson makes a strong case that hubris, greed, lust for power, and just plain lust never go out of style." —Jackie Demaline, Cincinnati Enquirer

"Toil and Trouble is laugh-out-loud weird." —The Daily Californian, 2013
Paper, 53 pages.  


Toil and Trouble by Lauren Gunderson
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