Trevor by Nick Jones

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Geneva Carr (in cardboard cutout), Steven Boyer, and Colleen Werthmann in Trevor, Theater for the New City, New York, New York (2013). Photo: Hunter Canning.


Nick Jones
Full-length Play
80-90 minutes
3f, 4m

Inspired by true events, Trevor is a subversive comedy about fame, success, and the lies we tell ourselves in order to keep people from taking away an erratic, 200-pound chimpanzee. At the center of this hilarious and heart-wrenching play are two individuals fighting against a world unable to understand their love: Trevor, a chimpanzee who once performed in commercials with the likes of Morgan Fairchild, and his owner Sandra, who swears he would never hurt a least not on purpose. A moving exploration of family, flawed communication, and humanity.

SET: The kitchen, living room, and sundeck of a middle class home in rural America.

NOTES: Adult language.

"Feral, funny, and in-your-face violent, Trevor [is] a tale of monkeyshines that, well, truly shone." —Chicago Magazine

PlayScripts, Inc., 2014 


Trevor by Nick Jones
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