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Faith, Hope and Charity comprise Evelina Fernandez's series, A Mexican Trilogy. The plays center around the Moraleses, a Mexican-American family. The trilogy deals in part with the impact that inspirational historical figures have upon the lives of the Morales family. Those figures specifically are Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and Pope John Paul II.

Faith is the first play in the trilogy. Set a couple decades after the Mexican Revolution, Faith is the story of a family faced with the challenge of retaining ancient traditions and cultural memory in the midst of social and political upheaval.

Hope, part II of the trilogy, takes place in the 1960's when a new young president, a national crisis and the loss of innocence follows the Morales family and the nation.

In Charity, the third and final installment, the world mourns the death of Pope John Paul II, the centenarian matriarch of the family is visited by the ghost of her great grandson slain in Iraq, as a newly arrived relative from Mexico suddenly appears.

Praise For…

"[A Mexican Trilogy] is as poetic, imaginative, and culturally accessible a work as anything since the commercial emergence of Tony Kushner." - Backstage

"The nostalgic ballads cut to the heart like strong prophecies: to enter the future, you must embrace the painful past." - Los Angeles Times

"The trilogy understands the deepest changes of heart are best expressed in melody. Fernández must be doing something right, because when her characters break into song, you know exactly how they feel." - Los Angeles Times

"Evelina Fernández’s imposing Latino Theater Company trilogy about a Mexican-American matriarchy forms the coherent Rosetta Stone of what is already a significant theatrical achievement." - Backstage
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ISBN: 9780573702280
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.
Publication Date: May 15th, 2015