Disassembly (Paperback)

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Full Length Play
Dark Comedy
3m, 4f

Evan is what you would call "accident-prone." Having suffered from various injuries his entire life, he's now been randomly stabbed. In his apartment, his twin sister and his fiancée are trying to help him recover while fending off a steady stream of visitors and a bitter neighbor with a thing for stuffed cats. Something isn't quite adding up though. As the morning descends into a buzz of secrets and lies, this dark farce quickly becomes a brutally funny commentary on how, under the right circumstances, violence can take hold of just about anyone.

3m, 4f
ELLEN – A woman; deeply concerned for her brother, seemingly “normal” except for the inappropriate laughter, singing seizures, and lapses into extreme violence
EVAN / NARRATOR – A man; Ellen’s brother, with a good attitude, a generous smile and a lot of unexplained injuries, or at least very poorly explained injuries
DIANE – A woman; Evan’s fiancée, surface pretty, surface nice, making it through, but fed-up and breaking, trying her best to work it out
TESSA – A woman; all in black, very put together, overly polite, laughing at herself, past the point where death has any discernable impact
STANLEY – A man; sweet, caring, almost like a big teddy bear, with a healthy dose of psychotically jealous stalker underneath
JEROME / FOX – A man; Ellen’s sometime boyfriend, very quiet, very tense, not very nice, but very much in love with the idea of love
MIRABELLE / CROW – A woman; Ellen and Evan’s neighbor, she chews gum, she has cats, real and imagined, and a lot of attitude, somehow, oddly alluring

Praise For…

"[S]trange and hilarious and unsettling... [it] had me leaning forward in rapt anticipation of what would happen next." San Francisco Weekly

"Yockey's play has an infectiously goofy charm that sucks you in... a play with a healthy cynicism but never a self-conscious wink or nod.” Contra Costa Times

“The way [the twists] play out is delightfully perverse, with all sorts of troubling revelations and a hilariously brutal brawl. At only 70 minutes, it’s a tightly packed - and tightly wound - little gem.” -The Idolect
Product Details
ISBN: 9780573704598
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.
Publication Date: July 30th, 2015