Death Tax: A Dramatic Thriller (Paperback)

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2 men, 2 women (doubling)

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It's December 2010. Infirm Maxine thinks her daughter is paying Nurse Tina to gently nudge her into the grave before the new year. Maxine thinks Tina's doing this so her daughter doesn't have to pay hefty estate taxes, taxes that take effect on January 1. Nurse Tina adamantly denies Maxine's accusations, but when Maxine offers Tina a portion of her sizable estate on the condition that she lives until the 1st, Tina changes her tune. But of course, the plan doesn't go according to plan.

Praise For…

"Sobering, shattering…Hnath's incisive script examines the moral questions raised when the issues are muddy" —BackStage.

"Hnath's compelling drama examines American ideas about death, dying and money." —Louisville Courier-Journal.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780822227557
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
Publication Date: May 2013
Pages: 80