Woyzeck; Leonce and Lena (Paperback)

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Two Plays In One Volume

WOYZECK is the first lower-class tragic hero, and he is the first psychotic hero in dramatic literature. But Woyzeck is truly a victim. This unique classic is based on the true case of a soldier who killed his common-law wife and was executed when his plea of insanity was rejected by the courts. (12 men, 5 women, doubling)
LEONCE AND LENA is a fractured fairytale for grownups, in which King Peter of the kingdom of Tushee has arranged a marriage between his son, Prince Leonce, and Princess Lena of the kingdom of Wee-wee. But the young prince is determined not to marry at all, unless it is for love. Refusing to bow to custom, he disguises himself as a common man and sets off on a journey with his drunken fool, Valerio. The two vagabonds accidentally bump into Lena and her governess, who are also disguised. The prince and the princess fall in love, not knowing the true identity of their mate. (4 men, 3 women, doubling.)
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ISBN: 9780822233459
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
Publication Date: February 1st, 2016
Pages: 44