Anansi the Spider: A Trickster's Courtship (Paperback)

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From the folktale.

Cast: 1 to 3m., 2 to 3w., 1 either gender. 

The trickster, Anansi, has taken the proverbs of wisdom from Nyami, god of the sky, angering him greatly. Soon after, Anansi meets Aso, Nyame's daughter. He is smitten and must marry her. Aso is not sure whether she can trust a trickster like Anansi and requires him to prove himself by sending him on a quest. Anansi must acquire the tooth of a crocodile, the whisker of a lion and an eagle's feather. So Anansi meets Marty, the crocodile, who likes baked goods; Lelia, the lion, who wants to be a beauty queen; and Edwardo, an eagle who is afraid of heights. With the help of the audience, Anansi accomplishes his task but lies about how he does so, taking all the credit. Aso and Nyame see right through him. Aso decides to give Anansi another chance, issuing a more complicated task. Anansi is charged with putting stars in the sky. This seems impossible until he meets Chloe, a smart but nerdy firefly, who finds some friends who join her in lighting the heavens. When Anansi takes credit for the firefly's feat, Aso and Nyame are greatly offended. Nyame sends the winds to dry up all the water. The whole earth will suffer if Anansi cannot make it rain, which he cannot do, and he realizes he is doomed. It is in defeat that Anansi finds humility and the path to acceptance and love. 

Unit set. Approximate running time: 45 minutes.

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"Anansi the Spider does the trick. Literally. [A] whirlwind of a tale." —Lexington Herald-Leader
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ISBN: 9781583429853
Publisher: Dramatic Publishing
Publication Date: January 15th, 2015