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Jane Eyre is 'obscure, plain and little'. Despite her seeming lack of charm, her strong spirit makes an indelible impression, and many are drawn to her; not least the reader. The uncompromising yet restrained first-person narrative of Jane Eyre powerfully allies one with the heroine and instills an earnest desire to see Jane clear of the many trials, betrayals and cruelties she must endure. Through all her endeavors, Jane's quiet quest is to find the compassion and admiration of a kindred spirit; Charlotte Bront 's genius was to engender just this in the reader.

About the Author

Charlotte Brontë and her sisters Emily and Anne comprise perhaps the most famous family in literary history. They were raised in Yorkshire, where the harsh conditions led to early death and tragedy in their family. Despite the family's isolation, hardship and haphazard education, the imagination and creativity of the Brontë sisters are still marvelled at to this day, and Jane Eyre is arguably the most accomplished work to testify to this genius.
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ISBN: 9781909399334
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Publication Date: November 20th, 2014
Pages: 608
Language: English