The Best Plays from the Strawberry One-Act Festival (Kobo eBook)

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MEATLOAF IN THE MOONLIGHT by David Gallic. Every family has skeletons in their closet. These skeletons are coming out to play.

CLAP ON, CLAP OFF by Aiden Levy. A sexually frustrated adolescent tries to lose his virginity to his wholesome girlfriend when his grandmother leaves for a Mensa trip and entrusts him to water her plants.

ANYONE, ANYWHERE by Amanda Fleming. Love can happen to anyone, anywhere.

BABE, INC. by Rosemary Zibart. In the year 2108, men can order robotic women as mates, but due to a snafu in the system, a real woman gets substituted for a robotic Babe to accompany a man to his mothers funeral. The results are a little haywire.

PEAR by Carol Paik. Husband and wife grapple with the incessant problem of what to do about dinner.

Other plays include: THE PARKING LOT by Holly Hunt, BLUE STREAK by Carston Turner, STEEL OR PRETZELS by Mara Gilbert, JUMP by Josh Sohn, DAILY SOUNDS by Jay Prasad, FREE COUNTRY by Steve Monarque, THE SEED by David Pumo, and THIS BASEMENT by Bethann Snow.