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Join us at the Drama Book Shop for an in-person reading and signing of Good Morning, Olive with Robert Viagas on November 2nd at 7:30. This is a ticketed after-hours event. The 32.95 ticket includes a copy of Good Morning, Olive. For tickets please contact RSVP@Dramabookshop.com

Each night after the applause dies, the curtain falls, the audience vanishes, the cleaners dust, and the lights are killed, great theatres become dark and silent places. But not always quite empty.

That’s when the theatre ghosts make their entrance and strut and fret their hour upon the shadowed boards, illuminated only by the ghost light, the solitary lamp that is required to burn through the night on every Broadway stage.

Many of Broadway’s busiest theatre’s continue to be just as busily haunted by spirits, some with well-known names and histories.

Good Morning, Olive (named for one of the most beautiful and temperamental of Broadway’s ghosts) is about the ghosts that haunt theatres in New York and around the world.

There’s something special about theatres, something especially conducive and welcoming to ghosts. Charles J. Adams III wrote, “By its very nature, a theatre is a vault within which every human emotion is at once imprisoned, impersonated, imitated, and elicited. Tangles of cords and ropes…tall curtains and backdrops which fade into high darkness…cubicles and trap doors and passageways.”

Good Morning, Olive takes readers on a tour of that world.

Important Information–Please read before purchasing  

    • Ticket purchase includes entrance to event and a copy of Good Morning, Olive
    • It is recommended that guests wear a mask inside. 
    • No merchandise, photos or other souvenirs will be allowed to be signed.

For tickets please contact RSVP@Dramabookshop.com