Why are you called The Drama Book Shop?

  • We are a specialty bookstore, focusing on books related to the performing arts! Learn more about our history in our About section!


Can I return items?

Can I shop the Drama Book Shop online?

  • Yes! You can order a curated selection of scripts online here.

Do you ship internationally?

  • We ship across all of North America. If you are shipping to Mexico or Canada, you may call the store to process those transactions over the phone at (212)-944-0595 during our regular business hours.

Do you sell gift cards?

  • Yes! Gift cards are available in-store only. You may order in person, or call us at (212)-944-0595 to purchase. Please note that gift cards cannot be used in the cafe.

Do you sell merch?

  • Yes! Currently DBS merchandise, like hats and mugs, are only available in-store.

Do you sell signed copies of your books?

  • Yes! Sometimes authors will stop by the shop and graciously sign copies of their plays. However, signed copies are available on a first come, first served basis so we cannot guarantee the availability of a certain title.

Can you ship me a signed copy of a specific title?

  • We’ll do our best! Please include a note in your online order letting us know that you would like a signed copy, and we’ll send a signed copy if we have it in stock. If we do not have a signed copy of the requested title, we will send you an unsigned copy.

Events & Press

Can I host a book signing/reading at your shop?

  • Yes, you can! Currently, we are only hosting small events with a 25-person capacity. If you would like to discuss the possibility of events with us, please email our Events Team at: events@dramabookshop.com.

Can I host a virtual meeting/in-person class/book club/rehearsal at your shop?

  • As a general rule, no. If you would like to inquire about these kind of events, please email us at events@dramabookshop.com

I have a press inquiry. Who should I contact?

Visit Us

Can large groups visit The Drama Book Shop?

  • Yes! If you are a group of 20 or more, please give us at least one week’s notice so we may plan accordingly. If you are a smaller group, between 10-20 people, please give us at least one or two hours notice. You may email us at events@dramabookshop.com or call (212)-944-0595.

Is there a time limit for seating in the cafe?

  • Since we have limited seating available, we ask that all patrons be courteous of others and keep their time seated in the cafe no longer than 90 minutes.

I’m an author/playwright. How can I get my book on your shelves?

Do you accept donations? Can I sell you my used books?

  • We cannot accept any donations and do not buy back used materials at this time. For alternative locations to donate or sell, we suggest contacting a Housing Works NYC location or other local charity shops, libraries, schools, etc.

Where’s Chester?!

  • He is alive and well! Unfortunately, he could not join us at the new location for health code regulations in our cafe. He is spending a lovely retirement at his home in New Jersey.

I have something I want to give to Lin-Manuel Miranda! Can I leave it with you?

  • Lin comes by the shop as a patron, and we cannot receive fan mail for him. Please send all fan mail for him to: 4768 Broadway, Unit 743, New York, NY 10034.