PLAGUE (after LA PESTE) by Neil Bartlett, Arcola London, April 5, 2017 - May 6, 2017

THE PLAGUE (after LA PESTE by Albert Camus)
written and directed by Neil Bartlett

Arcola London, April 5, 2017 - May 6, 2017

“April 29th; lunchtime. Found Mr Michel in the street outside the apartment. Walk unsteady. Eyes unnaturally bright.”

Dr Rieux is noticing things. A rat on the stairs, where it has no right to be. A sore throat becoming a fever. The first signs of panic. It all amounts to a troubling diagnosis… so what’s the cure?

The Plague is Albert Camus’ electrifying story about living through a time of crisis and fighting back against despair.

Written in the aftermath of the Nazis’ march across Europe, it struck a powerful chord with millions struggling to understand the fascist ‘plague’ that had just overwhelmed them.

Now, seventy years later, multi-award-winning director Neil Bartlett (Or You Could Kiss Me, National Theatre; Stella, LIFT) retells Camus’ classic for our own dangerous times. His frank and gripping new stage adaptation puts chaos under the microscope, and plants the germ of hope in the power of our common humanity.

“★★★★ Ingenious update of Camus' chilling fable... a striking production”

—The Guardian

“★★★★ Grippingly beautiful ... Albert Camus's dark parable brought devastatingly into the modern age”

—The Telegraph

“★★★★ What a story ... Camus made chilling and contemporary”

—Evening Standard

“★★★★ Bartlett's master-stroke is to present the story in such a spare, minimalist fashion that it is seems to be applicable to everything from Ebola to Syria and Brexit.”

—The Independent

“★★★★ Stark and swift, it makes uncompromising viewing”

—The Times

“★★★★ Bartlett's production has an itchy urgency that both grips and unsettles”


“★★★★ All five actors are exceptional”

—The Sunday Times

“★★★★ Not to be missed”

—The Upcoming

“★★★★ Stark and powerful”

—Reviews Gate

The Plague: (after La Peste) Cover Image
By Neil Bartlett (Adapted by), Albert Camus
ISBN: 9781786821928
Availability: Special Order
Published: Oberon Books - April 5th, 2017