Baby Agents and Managers - Mailing Labels

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Baby Agents & Managers - Mailing Labels
by Up-To-Date Theatricals
Approximately 50 labels

We have identified those agents and managers who handle babies three months and older. We recommend that you send a quality photo (no need for professional 8x10 as babies change monthly) with the following information - birth date, hair and eye color, clothing size, weight and length, telephone number, parent’s name and address. You do not need to pay a fee for pictures or have your child sent on an audition. Before your baby books a job, ask the agent or manager what their commission will be. Standard commissions are 10% to 20%. To be employed a child must have a social security number and a work permit. Our lists are continually updated from numerous sources, working actor contacts and extensive phone canvassing. See our monthly NYC Agents Directory for emails, phone numbers and more agency info.


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