The Penetration Play by Winter Miller

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Acting Edition. $9.99 Full-length play, Dark Comedy
Cast: 3 female
Unit Set
Note: Adult language and content


Rain is in love with her best friend, Ash. It's possible Ash feels the same way. Except that now Ash is falling for Rich to the delight of her mother, Maggie. Over the course of an evening, all three women will experience the bittersweet consequences of desire. This verbally taut comedy brings to life that little-known adage: If at first you don't succeed...seduce your best friend's mother.

"The cracklingly funny dialogue summons up the feel of a raunchy gossip session that includes an uncomfortable, almost violent game of one-upmanship." --Jason Zinoman, The New York Times

(Photo: 13P, New York City, 2004)


Price: $9.99