ON STAGE: The NYC Theatrical Sourcebook (2017)

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Whether you’re an aspiring actor, composer, writer or producer, until your career has reached name recognition you are your best publicist. You have 3 very desirable press agent qualities - you are passionate about your work, are your number one client and you are affordable. Until an artist embraces self-promotion as essential to building their theatrical career, momentum from a successful project is too often unnecessarily lost. Being your own press agent from the very start of your career will not only accelerate your success but will create a solid foundation that a press agent can build upon once hired.

ON STAGE is the most comprehensive theatrical sourcebook for entertainment professionals working in live theatre. It is designed to support the needs of established industry professionals as well as evolving theatrical performers and producers. ON STAGE is the only book on the market to include:

  • Broadway & Off-Broadway Producers
  • Press Agents
  • Theatre Rentals
  • Rehearsal Studio Rentals
  • Publicity Press Contacts

These contacts include websites and emails when available and regional producers who are actively producing NYC theatre. Through our calls and research, it has been inspiring to see the passion and dedication that motivates these theatre folk. Up-To-Date Theatricals is pleased to provide the theatrical community with a comprehensive, contact sourcebook that further enhances their artistic ventures.


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