Blasted by Sarah Kane

"Don't, I'll have to shoot you. Then I'd be lonely."

Gruesome? Yes. Uncomfortable? Certainly. And relevant? Sing it, sister. Reading Blasted is a little like eating when you're already full. It's tasty, but it makes you nauseous. You keep chowin' down, though, because Ms. Kane's unforgiving depiction of war and sexual politics is not only a cunning theatrical challenge, but a raw investigation of what happens when the extreme becomes the everyday. Even if your country tells you to, what happens to compassion once you've killed?

Characters: 2M, 1W
Scenes/Monologues: Brutal, violent, wrenching man/woman scenes.

Recommended by: Jesica

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*complete collection also available

Blasted (Methuen Drama Modern Plays) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780413766205
Availability: Special Order
Published: Methuen Publishing - March 24th, 2009