One Flea Spare by Naomi Wallace

"The fish were burning in the channels. Whole schools of them on fire. And the ships sailing and their hulls plowing the dead up out of the water. And the war had begun."

One Flea Spare had me at hello. This play is strange, and in the most delectable way. By quarantining them in England's one plagueless room, Naomi Wallace's characters are forced to redefine societal norms and live by their wits. Don't get me wrong - we have landed in neither Oz nor Lost. Still, as they wait out the Black Death, the class system is demolished, a child comes of age, a prim wife rediscovers her own skin, and oranges...oh my god, ORANGES.

Characters: 3M, 1W, 1 girl
Scenes/Monologues: Galore! Especially useful if you're 12.

Recommended by: Jesica

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ISBN: 9780881451382
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Published: Broadway Play Publishing - August 1997