Off the Map by Joan Ackermann

Off the Map is written in a lyrical, literary style. Bo Groden, the main character and narrator, looks back at the summer when she was eleven years old and her life changed. She spent her childhood with her mom, dad and occasional others in the wilds of New Mexico...the real wilds, so wild her mother, Arlene, gardens naked and no one notices - because no one is around. Enter William Gibbs - the IRS agent who took days to find them in order to discuss their unpaid taxes and, arriving in a high fever, is cared for and falls in love with this quirky family. This off-beat and loving comedy is beautifully written with rich, warm characters. Through unswerving love and compassion, they stumble into maturity, self-discovery and glorious moments of grace.

Characters: 3M, 2W, 1 girl
Scenes/Monologues: These are anywhere from a quarter page to a whole page - and though I hesitate to put a quarter page speech in this monologue breakdown, I will. But for the record, a monologue is not four sentences together.
Bo: 3
Adult Bo: 7
Arlene: 5
William: 1

Recommended by: Eleanore

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