Blue/Orange by Joe Penhall

"But Killing Yourself? Christopher? Why? Everybody feels that they've...lost out. It's The Human Condition. The capacity to feel Disappointment. It's what distinguishes us from the animals. You don't hear doggies running about going, 'Oh that this too too solid flesh could melt.' Of course not. Why not? They're dogs! It would be ridiculous. Dogs have other talents. They can lick their own balls. A talent for simplicity. N'ha ha ha!"

The recommendation for this book was a visual one: a ven diagram marking Blue/Orange as the cross-section of Schizophrenia and Race Relations.

Characters: 3M
Scenes/Monologues: Great patient/doctor interplay, speckled with a few choice monologues.

Recommended by: Adam

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Blue/Orange (Acting Edition) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780822219354
Availability: Special Order
Published: Dramatists Play Service, Inc. - October 14th, 2003