U.S. Drag by Gina Gionfriddo

Vapid, uncomprehending publishing drones Allison and Angela are unfulfilled. Sure, they'll use their limited wiles to schmooze free drinks and cuddle their way toward monthly rent checks, but they're determined to receive an unwarranted life of stardom. As they stumble toward it, they'll step over a hot, young, James Frey-esque memoirist (who naturally fabricated his bestseller) and an ineffectual community watchdog organization called SAFE (Stay Away From Ed).

Author Gina Gionfriddo is whip-smart and nasty. She is quite chipper as she serves you this New York of absolute self-absorption and utter disconnection. Watch her skewer what just passes for human interaction and illuminate the fears that keep us from meaningful relationships in the modern, urban landscape.

And, if the 'SAFE' acronym didn't tip you off, let us assure you that the play is, indeed, funny.

Characters: 4 M, 4 W (w/ doubling)
Scenes/Monologues: Men, women, mid-twenties. Monologues and scenes for both. What more do you need?

Recommended by: Matthew

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