Privilege by Paul Weitz

What are two brothers to do when their privileged, Upper East side lifestyle is threatened after their stockbroker father is arrested for--gasp!--insider trading? Well, hash things out between themselves, for one...dash off a letter in Dad's defense to the New York Times, for another...try to cope--somehow!--with the imminent departure of the family maid, whom their parents can no longer afford to pay...

Privilege contains delightful scenes for the two brothers, Charlie and Porter, ages twelve and sixteen, and some terrific material for "grown-ups", as well. Bottom line: Good plays for teens and pre-teens can be VERY hard to find. Privilege is one of those plays, and a funny and touching one, too. So--if you are young (or can play young), you're a guy, and you're looking for an exciting new role to play, or a fresh new scene to try out in class or at that all-important audition (or even if you only KNOW someone who falls into those categories) Privilege! (And you might find something useful in it even if you're NOT a kid anymore!)

Characters: 1M, 2W, 2 boys

Recommended by: Stu

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