Bug by Tracy Letts

Answer me this.

Who wouldn't want to read a play about cocaine, conspiracy theories, and blood-sucking aphids? I know I would and you should too.

Bug follows two paranoid cocaine addicts, Agnes and Peter, as they spiral further and further into a world of drugs, paranoia, bug repellent, and tin foil. As the two become more lost in their delusions, it becomes clear that nothing and no one can save them from their own imaginations.

This play is shocking, dirty, and fun in its insanity. Read it, enjoy it, and love it!

Characters: 3M, 2W
Scenes/Monologues: Man/woman scenes for the middle-aged that you thought you couldn't find past 25. Unique monologues, too.

Recommended by: Camron

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Bug Cover Image
ISBN: 9780822220169
Availability: Special Order
Published: Dramatist's Play Service - June 30th, 2005