Galileo by Bertolt Brecht

Alright, so you're stuck on a desert island with the great twentieth century playwright/poet/activist Bertolt Brecht. Don't ask why, just enjoy the banter and free beer. Comrade Brecht has chosen you to lead the contemporary resurgence of his work. "What with the unchecked hegemony of American capitalism, and modern theater having fallen into the hands of the decadent bourgeoisie, it is time for the truth to be told to the bloodless heart of these bloody times," muses Brecht as he chews enthusiastically on his cigar (Cuban, to be sure), and smiles wryly at his liberal use of alliteration. After much talk of all things theatrical, and having consumed more than a few schnitzen-gruben and doppelbocks, Brecht pulls from his tattered satchel a still more tattered copy of his masterpiece Galileo.

"This play, as the most precious child of my brain, dramatizes the timeless conflict between science and official religion, as we strive in our little world of men to make sense out of the abyss of space and time. Just remember, when you look long into that abyss, it looks long into you

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ISBN: 9780802130594
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Published: Grove Press - January 11th, 1994