Ready for the River by Neal Bell

Mother (Doris) and daughter (Lorna) flee a murder scene. The husband and father (Jim) has killed the banker who came to their farm with the eviction notice. Doris and Lorna flee because they fear they are next in line. Their journey in the car leads them to see people who may or may not really be there, but who are real enough in the back seat to make demands and push psychological buttons. The precarious bond between the two women is tested by the ghosts, memories and dreams that haunt and propel them as they try to escape the ever pervasive pull of the life they've led. After some close calls and quick get-a-ways, mother and daughter arrive exhausted at a motel where they hear that Jim is dead and that they can stop running. Now their new-found freedom propels Lorna to go off and start a life of her own, and Doris to reinvent herself and start over.

The writing in this play is hauntingly beautiful. The situations are sad and real, yet at times funny or awkward