Icarus and Aria by Kirk Wood Bromley

"Icarus Alzaro and his bride,
Aria Jones, too innocent, too young,
Were slaughtered at the altar, misallied
With the violent atmosphere they loved among.
And thus we close, no news so sadly said,
For Icarus and Aria are dead."

*Winner of the Best Play Award at the very first New York International Fringe Festival

This dazzling verse play updates Romeo and Juliet, setting the action in Phoenix, Arizona. Icarus Alzaro is the first draft pick for the expansion football team, the Arizona Aztechs. The team's owner, Jimmy Jones' daughter, Aria Jones, falls for Icarus on the eve of spring training and the two elope.

They are pursued by the frenzied media, Aria's family, the police, and Primalo, Icarus' brother