Measure for Pleasure by David Grimm

Take a character with a name like Sir Peter Lustforth, who possesses an audaciousness not unlike that of Caligula. Take another character appropriately named Captain Dick Dashwood, who views seduction as a mere sport. Throw in a beautiful transvestite, and a puritan lady in her 50s who seriously needs to get laid, along with some other colorful characters; put them all onstage and give them a scandalous, witty verse, and what do we get?

Oh, excuse me, did I mention the sex cave? Oh yeah, baby!

So put all that together and what we have is one hilarious Restoration-sex romp from the mind of David Grimm that would make Caligula himself blush!

If you love filthy Restoration comedy with rich dialogue and superb action, then this one is for you! Find out what happens in the sex cave!

Characters: 4 Men, 3 Women
Scenes/Monologues: Great characters with wonderful scenes and rich monologues!

Recommended by: Ramy

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