Weatherman by Jerry Polner

Talk about ahead of its time! This little gem was written way before the latest famous documentary about global warming. This play tells it like it is - or maybe as it might be: Weather can be awful, or it can make you rich if you know how to make it snow in Florida for ski season. Let's face it, a bad weather day can bring out the worst in you at the National Weather Service, or bring out the best in you if you planned for that bad weather all along. Can we really make it snow? Can we beat back the winds? Can we please cancel the guided tours at the NWS? And what would weather be without an old fashioned love story? No story would be complete without it and this one has the siren, the love sick guy, the other guy who wants what the other guy has, and the level headed girl who sees it all. It's just like life - and bigger. Great fun all around. And don't we deserve it knowing things are really warming up out there?

Characters: 3 Men, 3 Women
Scenes/Monologues: Comic duets abound.

Recommended by: Eleanore