New Boy from the novel by William Sutcliffe, adapted by Russell Labey

Adolescence is hard enough; wanting the new boy to be your friend when he is more attractive in every way adds to the pressure. Fears and longings can be overcome, and friendships can develop - just watch out for the new boy moving faster than you do. The economical writing in New Boy creates vital characterizations in amazingly short time. Rapid, realistic dialogue between two friends reveals what friendship can teach and how it can hurt. And so much revolves around sex! What a surprise! The fascination with sex, conquering the fear of sex, realizing what kind of sex partners are out there - all make these characters grow up fast and keep us entertained. Tight, clear, funny, serious writing makes this play work every time.

Scenes/Monologues: Good scenes for two young men (17-years-old); one long monologue (opening) and a few shorter monologues for the main character (17-year-old); one monologue for woman (about 55-years-old).

Recommended by: Eleanore