Feminine Ending by Sarah Treem

Amanda Blue, you were going to be huge.

Fasten your seat belts, this is going to be a rave. A Feminine Ending, the irresistible new comedy by Sarah Treem, is the story of a promising young musician, Amanda Blue, who has wanted to be a great composer since birth. So why, just when her work is gaining recognition, has she abandoned her dream?

Well, it’s complicated.

At 25, Amanda lives in New York City with her handsome, selfish fiance, Jack, who’s about to make it big time as a pop star. He promises her an extraordinary life while she writes jingles to support them. Back home, her unhappy mother, Kim, hates Jack and regrets her own middle-class marriage to David, a laconic insurance salesman. In response to a frantic call from her mother, Amanda misses a great chance for her new concerto and rushes back to her hometown. Kim, who believes that David is having an affair, is packing to leave him.

The evidence is so flimsy that Amanda storms out in frustration. She runs into her old boyfriend from high school, Billie, now the village postman. It’s Billie who forces Amanda to confront her deepest fears of failure in a male-dominated field and the tough choices she alone must make.

a feminine ending is one of the funniest plays of the year. It’s driven by five unforgettable characters, supported by seamless structure and Treem’s generous respect for her characters and her audience. It’s going to be huge.



Cast: 2 W, 3 M.

Scenes/Monologues: Monologues for one woman and two men, mid-twenties; man and woman, fifties. Scenes with Amanda and the other characters that are destined to become classics.

Recommended by: Helen

A Feminine Ending
by Sarah Treem
Acting Edition, $9.95

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ISBN: 9780573652356
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Published: Samuel French, Inc. - March 3rd, 2009