Romance by David Mamet

A play that figures out the Middle Eastern conflict. What more could we ask for? Some piece of dramatic literature that could, for once and for all, make everyone happy, while revitalizing the arts and the economy at the same time, solving allergies and answering the question of Shakespeare's sexuality.

David Mamet's Romance is a hysterical courtroom farce. The judge is a anti-histamine popping narcoleptic, the prosecutor must deal with his hysterical bunny, the gentile defense attorney and his Jewish client are tossing back racial epithets, the bailiff is a bigot and the doctor gets strangled. Good times, really! Although you will miss the parade, you'll find that the courtroom antics are much more entertaining.

Originally having its premiere run at the Atlantic in 2005, the American Repertory Theatre will be doing a production in May, directed by Mamet protege Scott Zigler.

So what is the idea that will save the Middle East and the world? Sorry, court is adjourned.

Scenes/Monologues: Written for seven men, Romance has a few short but good monologues, but is really an ensemble piece that should be well choreographed if to be done well.

Recommended by: Adam

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ISBN: 9780822221272
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Published: Dramatist's Play Service - September 30th, 2007